The New Constitution of The Universe English Translation

Chapter 1. Rules and Regulations of the Universal Family Organization
Chapter 2. Message of Peace (Part I) in Today’s Uncertain World
Chapter 3. Message of Peace (Part II)
Chapter 4. Justice System in Today’s World
Chapter 5. Nature of Administration in Today’s World
Chapter 6. Forest and Ecology
Chapter 7. Education System in Today’s World
Chapter 8. Fundamental Duties of all Human Beings
Chapter 9. Nature of Conducting Elections
Chapter 10. Road Bridge and Housing
Chapter 11. Misuse of Drugs
Chapter 12. Transportation of Commodities
Chapter 13. Travelling for all to the Scenic Landscapes of the World
Chapter 14. Utilization of Science and Technology, Communication and Industrial Facilities
Chapter 15. Energy Interdependence in Today’s World
Chapter 16. Ethical Treatment of Animals
Chapter 17. On Conduct of Fishery
Chapter 18. Martial Art (Thang-Ta)
Chapter 19. Guidelines Given by the Martial Art’s Master on Thang-Ta

All the problems which are facing in today’s world including wars and hostilities should be solved at once for all permanently. With the wishes of the Almighty, after thoroughly study all the problems, it is agreed that the whole world would be united as a single small family. A new world would be created where the whole world is guided by a single administrative system, similar economic system, a welfare social system for all human beings. In this world, there will be no dispute for boundaries, everybody respect another, no religious barriers; and it will be the foundation of one father for the whole humanity. The humanity would live under a beautiful administrative system, and human beings would live together with all the living beings; peace and harmony would prevail forever. With these, a new world would be created where there will be no wars. This is the beginning of a new age called Heei Chek (Age of Truth). With the dawn of this age, a new Sun will rise, in which generations will live without wars, violence and fear.

Destine by the Almighty to create for a peaceful and harmonious world. Our organization Universal Family Organization (UFO) is moving forward with the mentioned ideals of the Almighty. The UFO represents a place where all living things are originated. The land which is decorated by six seasons, it is defended by nine Almighty Gods, fenced by nine mountain chains, seven yeks (clans) and nine salais (sub-clans), this place is known as Kangleipung (Manipur).

Importantly, I appeal that the ecological problems facing in the world today show that the Almighty is arrived. It shows that let all the living things must know that He is coming. For this reason, human beings must not misuse any kind of drugs, must not act immoral and illicit practices. They must leave the idea of violence; leave all these bad practices for the betterment of present and future generations. Let’s dream together for a peaceful and harmonious world.

Universal Family organisation

1. The land, which is surrounded by the nine mountain ranges and blessed with six beautiful seasons, is a place of genesis of all living beings. This is their Fatherland; a heavenly place known as Kangleipung (Manipur).
2. It aims to unite the whole globe to live as a single family, with a single political and economic system. The foundation of today’s world should be based on the descendents of a single father, where there is no war, and the humanity lives happily and peacefully.
3. The origin of all problems in today’s world, that is; black money including corruption should be eliminated. And, we need to abolish all the national currencies, and after this, we can start a new currency which is applicable throughout the globe. The whole globe would put under a single monetary system. All the monetary and commodity transaction should be freed in anywhere across the globe.
4. All the necessary commodities of human beings including foods, shelters, clothes, transport facilities, etc must be provided in free of cost. All these necessary needs of our life should have equal access to all the human beings. In this society, all men have the opportunity to live like a king and all women also live like a queen.
5. Universal education until employment would be provided to all the children throughout the globe. Responsibility of their education must bear by the society as a whole.
6. All children of the globe must attain proper education and thereafter get married; everybody should work sincerely since morning. There will be no division between public or private activities, whether one works morning jobs like household activities or high profile jobs like the head of the states (Prime Ministers/Presidents); all must be treated and respected equally.
7. Universal health care must be provided to all the individuals in this world. There must be no payment in the health care system. The expenditure of the health care shall bear from the public fund.
8. All human beings must discard any form of intoxication, avoid immoral practices and all forms of anti-social activities must be discarded. We all must know our duties, so that we will live a healthy and peaceful live.
9. The chastity of women should be respected throughout the globe.
10. All human beings in today’s world are all responsible to build a new world order together with the Almighty God. Until we arrive in the new world of the Age of Truth (Haei Chek), we shall live carefully.
11. All human beings in this globe must work urgently to bring change for a better and peaceful world. In today’s world, the ecology is disturbed due to change of nine planetary movements, and with this, the second sun will also revive to rise.

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All the problems in today’s world need to bring an acceptable solution for all at once. The whole world must consider as a small family, a single administrative and economic system. All indigenous people should protect the identity of their community. Moreover, to abolish the difference between the common people and those who are in administration, to abolish black money including corruption, illegal transaction and currency itself. All monetary related activities should be handled by a single bank – World Bank or Universal Bank. Any monetary or commodity transaction anywhere in the world should be known to anybody, financial transparency must maintain. Earning from one place and rule to other place should be changed. Administration based on money power should be changed. Most people earned for their family, for their children they earn more and more, problem only for the people but also for other living things (ecology) this phenomenon also became a major source of problem 100% in today’s world.

Due to this reason, people run after money without any moral obligation. A country should not take advantage of another country, individuals’ also should not take advantage of another. People should think of sacrifice and satisfaction of others is the best virtue. Their origin and their habitat, according to their age, needed items in livings; must sincerely be work, based on 24/10/8 work properly, products and opportunities. All needed items must be consulted and discuss frankly to the world community. One community interact with another without money based on number of commodities. No possession based on a particular country or an individual.

Everyone in this world, from the beginning of his/her education till dead, must provide a bank account number, for all activities, at this no. deposited whatever he/she works, date of birth, place, origin, occupation, community, image of face, identification mark, finger print, parents name, 7 generations’ history, payment of whatever he or she work must be deposited to the world bank/ universal bank account. This bank much monitors all the works. All problems, competition over jobs, competition for higher positions and even killing for this, all such problems shall be resolved here and let’s bring a peaceful world.

Almighty the creator, to complete His incarnation, the beginning of all Cheks (Ages), the Haei Chek (The Age of Truth), at this time, as a messenger of the Almighty, descendent, in this 21 century; a new beginning give a message that ask who is agreed and who is not agreed? And where is not agreed? The said messages or which one would be a better message for the world let me know. All the learned scholars, religious heads; don’t be silent. This time is a critical time; I request all of us must stay alert. Those who want to suggest for a better world, please sent your valuable comment on whether by post or e-mail at our address, we will serve you.

Please analyse carefully of how we will execute into practise of these mentioned messages of the Almighty. All people of the world, the beginning of all cheks(Ages), the Haei Chek (The Age of Truth), 21 century AD, we request everybody to move forward without much hurdles. Advancement, progress and happiness is possible only when human beings are honest, and there exist human life possess resources are in plenty. So I am waiting. For this reason, I request to you all that these messages of the Almighty are important and please think and analyze carefully. Your precious time and energy may not be spent, but please think and spent some of your mind. If you are so busy and don’t have time to think of this Message, please give few minutes of while when you are eating and think a while for this message. As we all know that the world has been changing in many occasions and events, all these changes so far, we can think of a perfect world where there are no such changes, where peace and prosperity is prevailed, no war, no hatred, a total peace and a world free from wars. Let’s think and work together for a peaceful and war free world for the present and the future generations.

All these requested appeals are not for my position or for the prestige of my organization. Any learned persons, please suggest your views, we can discuss for a better and peaceful world which is free from wars and animosities.

Chapter 1
Rules and Regulations (R.R) of the Universal Family Organization
1. Universal Family Organization is another beautiful name of the World
2. The term Universal here means all the living things in this world as well as the heavenly bodies
3. The term Family here means all the living things and heavenly bodies are all living together at a same family.
4. The term Organization here means a harmonious life with love of each other, together with gentleness and a more prosperous life where there is no animosity. The whole world live together with a feeling of oneness and the ideals mentioned above.
5. Regarding the membership of the Universal Family Organization, we allow all the children who have started their schooling up to no bar, irrespective of nationalities.
6. Regarding the executive body membership; the minimum age limit is 18 years up to no bar.
7. Our goal is to promote universal education for all children throughout the world up to their employment. In this process, it would be a collective responsibility for the human society as a whole.
8. All the individuals in this globe, who have completed their formal education, must provide their suitable jobs. And all the married women in this globe, their jobs including household activities starting from early morning, or works for living, for development, etc must pay equal salary as those of kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers. Human beings shall not greed for posts, all individuals have to be respected and this respect shall be satisfactory by the individuals. There will be no retirement from jobs. One can work as long as he/she can continue to work.
9. The members of the Managing Committee and the Central Committee of the Universal Family Organization shall be appointed by their respective community. All indigenous communities of the world would appoint their own representatives. All the office bearers shall appoint for a period of three years, it includes the posts of president, secretary and treasurer. The jurisdiction of the central committee would cover the whole world, and would respect all religions. The committee aims to create a world where there is no poverty.
10. All human beings in this world shall determine their origin, habitat, community and divided them properly. So that, a common administrative system together with an economic system with the help of science and technology would govern their own communities. In this system; the trend of buy and sell would eliminate, and fair distribution to all individuals would be the alternative and it would be the pleasure for everyone. The origin of many forms of crime, that is; black transactions, money in all forms of its denominations shall be eliminated. The international financial system must transform where there would prevail a transparent system and it is accessible to anybody in anywhere in the world.
11. Members of the Universal Family Organization must not indulge any kind of intoxicants, immoral activities and must leave completely violent activities. One living being must pay proper respect to other living beings, so that we can build a peaceful and harmonious world, where there is no war. We convey that in this process whole humanity would take full responsibility in this.
12. All individuals in this world must take care to protect the dignity and chastity of women. All individuals must care that all married women shall be considered as an inseparable and integral part of men’s life.
13.Colour of the UFO Flag is blood red. The meaning of this blood red colour is that the Almighty God, creator of all living beings depends on blood to perform His duties. It would be a triangle shape where half of its length would be its breath. At the centre there would be a picture of the Almighty. There would be seven spikes, two horns and a crescent moon above the horns. An anthem would sing during the flag hoisting ceremonies. The opening of the anthem is about praising the mother earth and the closing of the anthem is about praising all the living beings.
14. The Universal Family Organization is a government recognised body. It is registered under the provision of Manipur Societies Registration Act, 1989 as Regd. No. 760/M/2017.

Chapter 2
Message of Peace (Part I) in Today’s Uncertain World
Respected Sir/Madam, leaders of today’s world, United Nations and other international bodies, Secretary General of the UNO, President, members, presidents and prime ministers of all nations, union ministers, cabinet ministers, MPs, CMs, MLAs, Election Commissions, respected backbones of democracy, world bank and banks of the world, legal fraternity, religious leaders, kings and queens and their decendences, scientists, those who are in medical service, using technology and knowledge, those in the field of market, men and women of business, peasants, pillars of future all youths, and all living beings; I convey this message.

That, time brings many uncertainties, fear, cruelty and natural calamities. In order to save from these destructions, the changes of the nature of this world, that the time brings so many changes, but let’s fix these changes for the good of human beings. Let’s work together to make this globe as a small family, same administrative structure, economic structure, combine together the whole world. A world without poverty, equal economic rights, religion is not a basis for humanity, no differences among human beings, no boundary disputes, respect the dignity of women by all human beings of this world, no scarcity of essential things, as a same family of no scarcity, and finally to achieve a peaceful and harmonious universal family. The foundation that we all are children’s of a father. One soul must respect the other, as time will surely bring this phase in this world.

Currently, when one hears all these ideals, it seems like a crazy social order. But it is real; it is the words of the Almighty. All human beings must discard anger, to surrender sincerely all our wealth at universal level, not to posses any wealth in the name of an individual as well as nation or country, all men as same like a king, all women as same like a queen; for a same administrative model, divided their own community, all countries must not take any form of revenues or taxes from people for administration, let’s change to such system of administration. And, all people for livelihood running so hard for money, earning; must work in their community, all children from beginning up to the completion of their studies, must take care by the community.

After education, provided a regular service which they can perform, and there will be no retirement, respect would be the pleasure, and no difference in salary, no poverty and re-distributed equally, no buy and sell, to solve all unemployment problems, to eliminate all black money transaction, all banks of the world make united and merge to the World Bank, all communities of the world must have a central committee to manage them; food, clothings, housing, education, health care, cultivation, irrigation, transport and communication, connectivity, development, overall administration, science and technology, etc, everything shall be keep as one and it must be transparent for the whole world. For all human beings in this world, since the beginning of their education till the end of life, the cheque of world bank is the only identification paper, this can be an unchangeable number for all the individuals, written their origin, occupation, address, identification marks, finger prints, signature; all the details are documented, as the only central administrative mechanism for the whole world, all legal administrative organs, instead of waiting the problem of the world to give justice, the origin of all the problems must be find out and solve them forever.

All the business related jobs must be brought together, and eliminate terms like business and trade and let’s replace them by sharing and distribution. With the using of the advancement of new technology, those competing whether big or small factories and industries must be united as one. All the weapons and machineries of war, let’s destroy them permanently, the problems and scarcities that are facing in any corners of the world shall be discuss and solve. Let’s join hand together in this new system for the whole world, the Almighty Lord and the people would work closely, in this Chek (Age), beginning of this new Age, the time for the second Sun is closer and arriving. Human beings seem like a God, God also seem like a Human being; God and Human beings would work together for a new social order, to create for a world without war, the time is arrived for this. All religious heads, all administrative heads, all indigenous communities, the changing imbalance of nature, is not due to deforestation, establishment of factories and industries.

People running here and there in search of livelihood, now the King of all Stars (Pole Star) and the land which is decorated by six seasons, the land where nine Gods protected nine mountain ranges, Yek (clan) sevens and salai (sub-clan) nine; in this land, there are four important places fixed by pillars, and one of these pillars control the planetary movements and this particular pillar is also balance our ecology, it is hidden and covered by using Gospel. But, today, due to human activities without completing their worldly duties, those souls complain to the Almighty, and that His duty is arriving, so the hidden pillar covered by Gospel is unfolded. Once the King of Stars and the Almighty cooperated, but now contending and disturbing to the nature, and so that there exist ecological imbalance as well as disturbing to the planetary movements.

This is the time where there the planetary movements are disturbed, and with this, the old age is about to end, and it is about to start a new age. At this crucial juncture there will be a war destined by the Almighty and which will be no revenge. So, I (President of UFO) request to all the world leaders to discuss this matter carefully for a better way out and save the world from this danger.

Chapter 3
Message of Peace (Part II)
Respected Sir/Madam, dignitaries and all the human beings in this world, I on behalf of the UFO, Northeast India, Manipur convey this message again that all the problems in this world must resolve and settle permanently, and live all human beings unite as a single family. The world where there is no poverty, socially equal, peaceful and to create a world free from wars. A time that was existed and this time is again arriving where Human beings live together with the Gods and the Gods also live with the human beings.

This is the time, where the beginning of all cheks (ages), the Haei chek, (earlier the Almighty produced many Gods, after this, the almighty was ready to produce human beings; there were four cheks [ages of Gods before human beings], human beings cannot enter into these cheks) with the arriving of a new chek which is known as the Haei chek, the categorical continuing trend of human civilization; the Almighty has completed his duty of creating the world and its living beings and after this he is ready to take rest and remain silent. The descendents of His Almighty become Kings and started to rule the world, since that time onwards till now, the culture and custom has been changing as time due course, and now the present trend of ruling/governance is known as democracy. In the system of democracy, people are empowered like the God, where they elect or they can contest in the election, so thus they can rule for every five years like the kings. At the beginning this system works excellent, at that time there were very few populations, foods and necessities of life were in plenty, people do not concern much about money. But today population has been increased so much in this world, with the development of science and technology. Moreover, the trend of money is now considered more value than the human lives, at this time democracy is so corrupted, where people began to sell their votes for money. With this, there are lots of changes in human lives, there are many problems. The problems between the countries in order to compete one another in many fields result so many problems too. So, how to solve all these problems of the world at once? If the population of the world increase till there is no space to put our feet at ground, what would be the result? As population grow faster, I suggest that human nature need to change and this system would last must longer. The products of science and technology would be utilized properly. The expensive and beautiful products, which are not producing extensively, shall look after carefully. All human beings of this world shall live equally, and they need to perform their duty equally and properly.

Everybody need to work every day as a kind of physical exercise, and those work shall not pay money as wages, rather people have to share and care one another without using money. We need to free from this money centric world. People have to spend the money as well as time while concentrating on wealth and money, shall invest to development and for the welfare of all the people, so that, we can create an equal and peaceful society.

The usages of money and currency make the world more dangerous than the explosion of nuclear weapons. It becomes the root cause of all the problems. One country earns money from another country, for the purpose of administration, the administrators take directly or indirectly taxes from all the individuals and it becomes a trend of earning from the people. Keeping aside the system of earning from one person to another, we need to resolve all these problems.

People think that all the development work should be done by the government, in the battle of life, people are running after money. There should be a policy to bring all the people settle in their own community. Everybody need to work sincerely within their community, without buy and sell, sharing would satisfy to everyone, all the money and currency shall abolish, so that we can bring peace and harmony and solve all the problems.

Due to this reason, we shall discard any kind of intoxications and immoral activities, bad thoughts etc, let’s bring all the people of this globe together without any problems. Since entering to 21 century, which is Haei Chak, all the living beings and human beings without any trouble, together with Almighty, the Second Sun will rise, and this time is arriving, the mortal human beings, in the coming cheks, people will work together with the Almighty. The clear evidence of it, is even today, those who obey the wishes of the Almighty, these living beings, their incarnation is over, due to the change of seasons, the nature of living things are also changing and they are incarnated and reincarnated. Likewise, human body and soul are also incarnated with the blessings of God. As soul goes the human body is also followed, and it is left by the Almighty.

But, due to the human nature as well as the inability to control mouth, the God like Human beings are today live more lower than the insects. For our future generations, all children in this world would choose a suitable work and we all are responsible for their education. After their education and marriage, a woman job since morning till evening, king of a country and queen, president, prime minister, all their jobs, shall provide an appropriate job for all, no difference between high job or low job, no difference of wages, respect for all, and must work together. Necessity of jobs in life, spirit of working together, and keep the whole world at a same living standard, sharing and caring for all must achieve at global level. These facilities must be provided through their respective communities. Respect the dignity of women and it is the duty of all individuals in the world. The grown up children must be married by their community. Their shelter and basic necessities of life must be provided by the community. The relationship between men and women are an integral part which is inseparable, and gifted by the Almighty as our real wealth. No other wealth or property shall not be possess.

All human beings of the world would work in all fields, and this would help the whole humanity without any charges. All the possession of wealth is for the happiness and welfare, may be for administrative purpose or for their children and descendents. All these possessions shall be surrendered permanently to the humanity. Because, the possession of wealth will be useless, since education, child care and everything would take care by the community. Your surrendered property would also be used by yourself as well. Moreover, I request to enrol the names of your children to the global census report. Let’s end the problem of child bearing once for all. All human being are destined for a peaceful and harmonious life. In order to create a new and fairer administrative system globally, on behalf of the Almighty I am conveying this message to the humanity with the help of science and technology that the last age is about to over, but so far there is no credible authority to guide this turbulent world. So, we humbly convey this message of God to the humanity. I believe that there are lots of learned persons, we request to them that let’s discuss together about this issue.

Chapter 4
Justice System in Today’s World
All the institutions of justice system in today’s world should be systematized and put together as one, to maintain uniformity. Instead of waiting complains to deliver justice, the legal system need changes to suit the modern society. The legal institutions need to find out the root causes of all the problems, the persistence of wide spread inequalities around the world, which is unsuitable with civilized society. Such inhuman administration and justice system based on inequalities is like a justice system in the Stone Age. The foundation that firmly believes that all living beings are sons and daughters of a father, and in order to established a legal system where everybody shall respect one other.

In order to achieve this new justice system, (1) all the children of today’s world shall provide free education as a collective responsibility by the whole world, (2) all the individuals who have completed their education and also married, those married women who work since morning to do whatever works for living, development, for the progress of science and technology, most people work at whatever possible ways in life, and the head of the states; kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, all their jobs shall be included as one uniformly. There would be no difference in terms of wages as well as respect for different kinds of jobs. All the individuals in this world shall provide equal rights for livelihood in both theory and practice. In all spheres of life mainly socio-economic, everybody shall enjoy its fullest and there would be a permanent peace and totally free from wars and threats.

All the individuals in this world, in their respective native places, according to their age groups, to the jobs which they can give their efforts, to work 8/10/24 hours, the estimate of those works shall be recorded properly by the world bank, the necessity of every community shall be provided from the bank without currency, there would not be no buy and sell. The world would practice the system of barter; there shall be a proper redistribution of necessary items through their respective communities. In such a system, human beings would live in permanent peace where there will be no anxiety for any scarcity of essential items. The idea that we all share a common descent of a father where today’s generation gifted to the future generations of a world which is completely free from war and enmity, together with in the coming ages of human civilization there will be no changes where there will be a permanent tranquillity system of administration and justice. All the justice system would go together with the advancement of science and technology, all human beings in this world would know that all children when they start their education till the end shall teach the values properly. All the possession of properties and wealth for a prosperous life and for their future generations with their hard earn money, shall be surrendered all. In this new justice system, there will be no arrest or imprisonment, no use of force what so ever, but understanding would be used to attain justice. In this system everybody would work whatever they could as a kind of exercise to live longer as well as healthy. Moreover, the health facilities would also be free to everyone; there will be no charges for it. Those who disobey these rules, like unwilling to work, shall bring justice without any form of violence, rather to convince him properly.

In order to protect the dignity of women in this world, to bring a better administrative system with a better legal system. A better legal system is required to ensure justice, all men must not physical or verbal indulge with women before marriage. Women body is well protected by an eternal power, all the time we have to remember that this eternal power has to be taught to generations. This is not about to look down the women, as the planetary motion cannot be disturbed, the women’s habits, dresses and their thoughts anything cannot go wrong, when the women’s state of mind is in peace the world would attain peace, and will be free from violence and war. Therefore, if we analyse deeper, women since the beginning of their education should take carefully, and they should stay within their respective community. The whole community shall take care of women very carefully. Sexual intercourse before marriage shall not be allowed for both boys and girls. The trends of having intercourse before marriage bring many harmful consequences in our society. There is an old saying that “married life is tinier than that of sand in the river bank”. Due to this, love affairs for boys and girls are not so important.

In having love affairs between boys and girls, when they meet, they feel attraction of one another, and if they go with these feeling the consequence may be bad for the society. So, there may be many unwanted elements occur out such relationships. Love only happens when the two persons meet each other, if they never meet face to face, there is no such feeling of love, so as much as we can the boys and girls should not mingle one another. Those who have completed their education, need to find out their birth registration at the World Bank, need to check the details of their birth, date, day, hour, etc and cross check with their prospective life partners, and choose suitable ones for marriage.

The whole community need to find out better option of the particular boy or girl before their marriage. All necessary items for their livelihood shall be provided by their community, so that we can be able to solve the origin of many problems in this world. I am not saying that women shall be confined inside a box. But all the norms of administration in this world today, all are running for money. Traditionally, women have to stay in the home in luxury, but due to this economic hardship they are also running around for earning and indulge many immoral activities like flesh trade. Such practices reduce the status and respect of women. So I request to the international community that a new system of administration needs to start in order to bring a better change. Here I want to put an eternal idea that there is a message from the Almighty; the thinking and practice of a “God like son would be known only by the father whereas the thinking and action of a bad devil like son would be known only by the mother”. Here, I request to all the guardians of today’s global justice system, in this beginning of a new age, please give your valuable knowledge to change for a better justice system in this beginning of new age which shall be governed with the Almighty himself and let’s unite the people of this world peacefully.

Chapter 5
Nature of Administration in Today’s World
In order to bring the solution of all the problems in today’s world (to protect freedom of every nations, contention among sovereign nations, those who are demanding the right to self-determination and independence, and those who are struggling hard for livelihood), we need to bring solution of all these problems. We need to unite the whole world as a single small family, where there will be one administrative and economic system for the whole world. All the indigenous people need to define their own community, and with the help of modern science and technology every community has to govern its own community. The present form of democracy seems good for the time being, but it earns money from the people directly or indirectly. This system need to be changed. In every field, we need to govern transparently, for example, whatever one does, and it must be known to anybody anywhere in the world. Starting from our own wealth, and all of our children at the global level, we all need to sacrifice self-centric practices. We all need to use only our minimum requirements. The global administrative system shall cover all the products including science and technology for the common benefit of the humanity. We also need to establish a system of administration where in married life; men and women relation shall consider as a real wealth, and the dignity of women shall protect by all individuals in this world. Cities, villages, country sides and even the remotest areas need to develop equally. The opportunities that are available in the cities must also be available in the remotest areas as well. All the factories and industries whether they are small or big shall be systematized, united as one at the global level. Moreover, the culture of business for profit, and buy and sell all need to be abolished, and sharing and caring to everybody must prevail. This system of a single administrative system for the whole world must take care the needs of every individual through their respective communities. All the children in this world shall take care and take responsibility by everybody, where there will be no tension or anxiety for their education, career or any aspects of their lives, because everybody shall take care of them.

All the individuals in this world, after attaining their education and got married, those married women who are working since early morning till late night for living, and those head of the states who are governing countries; kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, etc all these jobs shall not be divided as administrative or personal, and all the works must pay equal respect. All these jobs should be assigned to their respective community based on their expertise in those fields. Their jobs can be organised as 24/10/8 hours. Individuals need to work tirelessly and sincerely with a sense of sacrifice, and there would be no difference in terms of wages as well as respect for different kinds of jobs. People can work up to they can work, where there will be no retirement system.

Foods, clothes, health care, agriculture, irrigation, transportation facilities, communication, housing, education, electricity, religious activities, etc all such aspects of life would be able to perform without money at the global level. In order to perform these activities without money, the respective communities shall take facial index, finger print, fix identification mark, place of birth, blood group consisting of all these details including personal ID number, shall keep these details at the World Bank or Universal Bank. With this, all the jobs done by the individuals shall be recorded, and from this record the needed amount can be deducted without circulating money. So that, all the problems which are facing in today’s world can be resolved.

Moreover, all the respected legal institutions in today’s world, instead of waiting complain to deliver justice, they need to find out the root causes of all the problems, without taking much time and money to bring justice and resolve the problems permanently. All the norms of world’s legal system shall teach to all the students, from the beginning up to the end of their education. All individuals in this world, in order to protect environment and ecology, we need to change the present administration system. All men and women must be considered as kings and queens respectively. All unmarried men, starting from the final stage of their education, need to work a compulsory job of 24 hours a day. And, all married men and women need to work 8/10 job in this new administration. As time due course, the product of the advancement of science and technology and scientists shall take part active role in this administration. All living beings in this world need to believe that we all are siblings of a father. Together with this ideal; we need a better administrative system to build a world which is free from war.

Chapter 6
Forest and Ecology
In order to protect the world’s climate, lakes, rivers and nature as a whole, the world leaders, scientists often talk about it. People believed that due to the establishment of factories and industries, population explosion and its pressure on nature are the main causes of ecological degradation. But there are not the main reasons for the ecological degradation. To protect ecology, people planted trees, attempt has been made to modify vehicles to check pollution. Several initiatives have been made to control pollution and to save ecology. All these are good initiatives, but these initiatives wouldn’t be able to save the ecology as usual. People are panic due to such drastic changes of weather. Even if we try so many things to save ecology, it becomes worsen day by day. In human relationship too, it is degrading day by day, for example, the relationship between father and son is breaking down. Meanwhile there are three distinct ways to protect this world from such evils and degradation of values, they are:
1. To protect the world, we all the people from different backgrounds and different communities must unite and live equal and holistically. The great leaders of the world and the common people need to listen the words of the Almighty that we all must work together as a one with honesty and sacrifice for hardly ten years and face such struggles. To protect the environment and natural ecology which is
2. mentioned by the scientist of today’s world and within these ten years please compared the social lifestyle of human being which will totally change. The heart and soul of our life and including the nine Almighty Gods of the nine planet send a message to the father of the God to unite the world as one. There is a Meitei proverb that “to run a family is more minute than a sand of river”. In this regards here I want to mention is that how can I spread the message from the god to the people of the world and also relationship of husband and wife. More or less, the whole world live together as one like a small family. The origin of all the living and non living things which we used to call the “the Kangleipung” are protected by Gods and Goddesses including the Gods of nine planet which revolved around us and habited with “Seven Clan and Nine Lineage”. After departing Kangleipung, they divided into nine planets and formed with their respective big nine territories. Those people who are born in these nine places have been flown from their places to get some opportunities and their self interest. This is the reason why we may face many unwanted activities for example political turmoil, random dead, extinct of distinct species, many diseases and so on and the nature which take care of us before will may come against us.

Please the community of each own to return back to our origin of our place, in this respect the great leader of the particular places must take responsible and their eye must be on them and save the endanger society from extinction. Otherwise the spiritual land will become only soil. Some of the living beings followed the order of God and Goddess but our human being do not followed not even a single word, instead of following God, they are just killing each other. On the other hand, one big example is that, birds which fly and away are congregate and flock together.

3.Before the world become worse, before people lost their precious lives, I think I will come out as an incarnation to save your life. Time will be no more when I listen further the voices of disunion people and since the people also do not clear in mind and origin of their lives, this will become very vital part of our society. Once women get married, she should think her mother, father and her husband as her own God and they are the precious gift of God, at the same time men should also think the same as female does. To run a family with husband and wife, these are the following message from the God:
a. Here the “God of heaven” (salairen sidaba) will descend upon as a backbone (hiyang hiren) of our society somewhere in the origin of all the place called Kangleipung. In that particular period of time, essential things are not aware and inessential things are aware, work which we have to do are not done and the work which we do not have to do are done, cognizant people are far way and the ignorant people replace them and the society will become bloodshed.
b. Today’s world will incline from southwards to northwards and will swing here and there and float on the surface. The new world will form over here with Khuman master Punsiba (name of the Meitei clan), Luwang master Punsiba ( name of the Meitei clan ) , Mangang master Punsiba( name of the Meitei clan) will discussed together of today’s world and honour’s God of the nine planets with the heaven God (salairen sidaba), spirits (yaibirel sidaba) and the ” five basic element ” will take a step to join together.
c. After this, the second sun will rise with its full heat and energy and all the people who have sin and darkness in their life will be covered by the sun. And also all the unwanted things will disappear. Here our ancestor once said “go to the proper path, grow to the bed” (liklamda chatlammu kangkhulda haurammu), till this period of time we all people have to work together with join hands against evils. Before we reached the journey of “go to the proper path, grow to the bed” the ecological system will become worst than before.
d. Finally, our respected political leaders and honourable ministers have to concern with central government to provide various opportunities especially for the hill peoples in Manipur. In order to protect natural ecology, related authority should ban Jhum cultivation, deforestation and digging out sand from the river in hill regions. On the other hand urbanization must take place in hilly regions and provides them opportunity. We have to do our best in the field of social development and promote our culture.

Meanwhile, hill people should return back to their origin, if they scattered their population there will be some problem in the future, and it is not all about political matters. If half of the hill people are habited in the valley, there will be very unfortunate in the future. There is no bad intention towards them and there is nothing like segregation from the organisation side but it’s all about the betterment of our society. Once if we can bring such changes the Kangleipung will be a unique one in the future. These are the messages from god which will save the Kangleipung and we the people have to unite as a one.

Chapter 7
Education System in Today’s World
All the education system of today’s world and the science and technology much go as a one at the international level. We have to take concerned for the Children all over the world when they start getting education till the end and must know their specialization. All the people around the globe should initiate for the betterment of the children and should give them free education.

Later on, in order to protect the good education system, all the political leaders much have a strong view towards today’s education system. Each and every community of our society much take responsible for their own community to change the education system into the non-commercial system and the working hour of a day which we mention on 8/10/24 have to spread easily to all the people around the Kangleipung. The rule and regulation of 8/10/24 have to enclose all the education system, science and technology and translate into such an easy way.

Whenever the master and the teacher teaches or give lecture to the student they should think the student as their own brother and sister. And the leaders of the particular community have to give the student their suitable job and work with the changing science and technology. In order to become a scientific Kangleipung, the leaders of each community have to look into the basic instruments and the tools which they have used.

Further, the education system will bring into a non barrier classless education system. Finally shaping the modern education system with science and technology will bring our society into a fruitful nation.

Chapter 8
Fundamental Duties of all Human Beings
Today’s world is like a small family, so in order to protect our precious life and social system from various evil activities such as non egalitarian, earning unlimited property, from all the side women are selling themselves for surviving and for running their family. In this regard, we all the people have to bring egalitarian society and protect from such social evils. And the most vital part of the future will be taken by our younger generation. So in order to establish a new world, we have to guide our younger generation and give them proper education at any cost.

Meanwhile, the origin of all the problems has to conclude in a proper manner and solved all the issues. Today’s youths are the pillar of our society, so all the authorities should take responsible for their education from their beginning of education till the end. After completing their education, the government has to provide their job which is suitable for their respective courses. And all the common masses also take responsible for our younger generation.

There should not be any differences in the wages between a housewife and a queen or a president, or a prime minister, only then the society will unite. Further, if they respect each other and their job is regular, and they must do the work which they can, they should do the work which they can do. And they have to respect each other and respect their particular job too, they have to get equal opportunity and also have to satisfy which they have. On the other hand, we all have to change our society from unemployment into employment and we have to protect those peoples who are struggling for survival of their life . And all the community much returned back to their own origin for the betterment of our society. And all people have to follow the rules and regulations which is based on their age and regularly has to work that is 8/10/28.

In this regards all the peoples should do their work sincerely without any personal interest. We should mainly focus on the important basic elements of our life for example: agriculture, cannels, drinking water, living home and land, proper road and bridge, import – export products, science and technology, steel and hard ware industries, education, hospital, judiciary, bank, norms of the society, sports, women cells and organisation, international organisation and court. Only when all these related authorities work sincerely for the society, our nation can compare in the international field with other nation.

To educate their children all the parents of all the society work and join to any field in order to get livelihood. That is why our society is spoiled day by day. Since our birth till death, in each and every field we all are depended on money for example: we work with money, we sleep with money, we eat with money, and we go with money. Because of that, many crimes are increasing day by day in today’s world. In order to protect the world becoming into ash, we all the people should work together in join hand, work against corruption and follow the rule and regulation of 8/10/24. To become a new world, we all should leave the culture of corruption, divide their opportunities equally, work together and we should work together with our heart and soul at least these ten years.

We have to established many new related construction in the rural areas which they did not have before, urbanization much take place in the rural area, and all the hilly regions, every nook and corner must established the basic things which they did not have before. Finally, all the communities must return back to their origin and must be united and live with their own family and their blood relation. Only at this particular period of time, tomorrow will come with bright and beautiful sunshine. And at this period of time, let’s bring a new world without any evils, without any mistake. To become a new life, let’s bring a new form of government with new principles and let’s bring egalitarian society.

Chapter 9
Nature of Conducting Elections
The honourable election commissioner of the world largest democracy and also to whom who take care of the people, we have some few words to you that with the changes of the time and situation the monarchy and the anarchy system had changed and replaced by the democratic form of government which is formed by the common masses and given with the name called “Democracy”. After the formation of democracy, all the political leaders played an important role to maintain peace in our society. According to the time, over population, different ideology, different people and the development of science and technology, the activities of democracy also change in different ways. So in order to protect the real meaning of democracy, we need to reframe or change the norms which we used before and give the name called “Second Democracy”.

Under the name of “Second Democracy” let’s bring an egalitarian society and the most important thing to build to our society is the youth. So in order to make a new world for the betterment of our society, we need to give proper education to our children of each community. And the most vital part in the future will take by our younger generation. So in order to establish a new world, we have to guide our younger generation and give them proper education at any cost.

Meanwhile, the origin of all the problems has to conclude in proper manner and solved all the issues. Today’s youths are the pillar of our society, so all the authorities should take responsible for their education when they begin their education till end. After completing their education, the government have to provide them job which is suitable in their respective courses. And all the common masses also take responsible for our younger generation. There should not be any differences of the wages between a housewife and a queen or a president, or a prime minister, then the society will unite.

Each and every community must return to their original place and much work for their own community and there should not be any differences and caste system. And those categories for example O.B.C, General, Schedule Caste, and Schedule Tribe should be equal and should get equal opportunity. At the time of election those people who are eligible to cast their vote much change the candidate who will be good and have a sense of social activities in the future. The most evil culture of our society is called ‘corruption,’ it should be abolished and we further also abolished the culture of give and take.

During the election time, it will be good for the people and the candidate, if they have personal bank account of the World Bank and if they cast their vote through World Bank then it will save money and time too. And all the common people also much have the account of the World Bank. So in other to save time and use of loud speakers and many unwanted activities during election time, people much have their own bank account with the check – book of World Bank.

Through their check book they have to cast their vote freely. If this system is possible then we can avoid many unwanted activities during election. In this regards the election commission of India much look forward and if once this system is implement, cent percent will cast their vote. All the political leaders and each candidate must avoid their party politics and candidate must do their work with common people. Each particular candidate much do for their own constituency and their village much bring into a better one. Finally, the big today’s world will become like a small family and let’s resolved all the problems.

Chapter 10
Road Bridge and Housing
Now the people of today’s world who take responsibility for the construction of roads, bridge and housing must do the long term plan when they construct roads, bridge and houses. And it has to bring as a one without any segregation and communal feeling. Each and every community must work together as a one and joined hand for the welfare of their particular groups or community. And the basic things to construct the public works much help each other with mutual understanding and mutual help.

So in other to get a developed society, the related authority need to concern when they construct the roads and houses and also need to follow the working hours of 24/10/8. Just after fully constructed, the expiries of the roads much take a hundred years and the expiry of the houses must be two hundred years. Each and every community take responsibility at least one kilometre each area and they much divide into many part for their works within those kilometre. And also divide proper house number and buildings number with their names. We further need to divide precisely that from here to there much work with this community and from here to there much have with that community. Those worked which they do not complete yet must do within 24 hours by the youth of that particular region.

Meanwhile, we have to look forward regarding roadsides activities which will happen within one hundred year, we have to concern properly the drainage system, power system, sanitation, P.H.E.D, drinking water, mass communication and others. On the roadside we have to plant trees and flowers to beautify and to attract people. Just after one kilometre we have to construct public toilets with proper water facilities. Every five kilometre much have proper canteen to have food for the local peoples and also others. We need to have proper waiting shed and also big hall in order to take by the peoples after work. All the peoples from four sides are running here and there for money, many of them are suffering from unemployment, many of them are addicted to drugs and some are panic about their future. In this regards let’s bring our society without corruption, good governance with good life style.

Chapter 11
Misuse of Drugs
In order to protect the world from intoxicants and misuse of drugs; we, all the people and all the related authorities must be united and the entire scientists who invents medicine must produce a limited number of medicines. And all the indigenous people of each community and all the people around the globe must look forward in resolving the culture of intoxicants activities. On the other hand, according to the climate of the particular region, it is better to have some relaxation but it has to ban the use of the intoxicants for 24 hours.

Now the business of such drugs and intoxicants become a widespread and international wish. In order to protect our society from such activities, we need to investigate carefully to each people. Our life is so precious, even the mother of the God attempted to born as human being.

Let you observed that the principle and governing system of each society have many problems, and all the living beings are depending on money. People have crossed the limits of their legal business; they have done each and every business, for example, black business, drugs, trafficking etc. With request here I want to mention is that only at the time the government of this world wipe out such dreadful activities, 90% of our society will set on. Further, if there is no division between a government job and private, work freely which they have, classless society. Only these periods of time we can conclude and resolve all the issues.

Chapter 12
Transportation of Commodities
The transport authorities of today’s worlds must be stick together at the international level for the goods carrier of today’s world and people travel from one place to another. The current transport system of the world which we use to start from bicycle to heavy vehicle and each nation which they manufacture the machinery product to protect their nation from other e.g. small machinery, big machinery, land vehicle, maritime route and airways and with the help of science and technology many satellites are in the space.

Through the people of today’s world, we strive to know the launch, manufacture date and the year of all the goods, all the product of science and technology, all the machinery product and satellite. And all the people of each community has to look forward to the future and alter at all the machinery product from bicycle to heavy one and also heavy arm weapon which they used before into the welfare of the people. All the available machinery and industrial product at moment in time must get to the people without buy and sale. And the entire vehicle which carry heavy machinery product must have the proper verified document, people must have the proper number and the alphabet of the industrial product and the particular community wish number. The vehicle we use for emergency purposes e.g. motor cycle must have a proper verified number to protect unwanted activities from others. In order to protect from thieves and various redundant activities, let utilize the entire industrial product in a proper way.

All people around the globe are submerged with the eminence of money, to become stable all the people who are struggling for survival from each dimension must return to their origin. All people around the world which they will work as a regular service, working hour 24/10/8 must follow sincerity and honesty. By decreasing 95%, those people who left their place, community and ran away for money. And let also conclude the problem of drastic change to increase the number of vehicle in today’s world. The basic element of human being i.e. food and clothing must be properly given to each individual and observed carefully in the international level. With the ideology of ‘a son of one father’ the industrial product has to reached all the community of each region, agriculture worked much stare together without any profit, personal interest and equality. With the help of World Bank, the heavy raw material, industrial product and various products must hold by any vehicle through sea route, land and airways.

For our future generation, those basic elements of our life i.e. food, clothing must get to the people without buy and sale and also provide them equally. Let also conclude and resolved the problem of the agriculture product, industrial product which they have sale on the black market before they have reached to the owner. By decreasing 90% of the time and goods carrier vehicle when they used travel from one place to another, here let resolved together such inconveniences. Please have a look on the next page:

The power authority of today’s world has to assist as a one and to maintain power office properly, and with the single step in the international level to prevent lack of electricity of each community. Each and every power authority has tried to work together with much various related authority. In this regards, all the unoccupied possessions tried to reach each individual and push forward at the international level in the hand of World Bank. Those people who will work in the office as a regular service must depend on their age and must work sincerely, and work together with all the engineer and scientist. All the community of the world must try to look together of each household electricity problem. And without having a single tax, all the related power authority and all the community to provide enough power to all the people, and let bring a society without having electricity problem and in this context let conclude such issue together.

Chapter 13
Travelling for all to the Scenic Landscapes of the World
People who are travelling the world and the platform of tourism unites the world as one, decreasing the cost of travelling and time to 99%, the people all around the world with regards to their birth, their origin, their community, their regular service like five days school or five days for teaching giving 4 hrs daily to look around the beautiful places before the birth of people before the earth, the Nine Kings of God birthplace of the God, travel the wonderful world including Kangleipak experiencing the beauty of nature, we should decide among ourselves to guide them and look after their needs to whoever-community.

Chapter 14
Utilization of Science and Technology, Communication and Industrial Facilities
The world institution for the Science and Technology, and Communication Industries should unite as a one and primitive peoples of the world not only the science and technology or communication industries but also keeping the unbreakable peoples’ tradition or institution, today’s generation can scarifies wholeheartedly for the future generation, and all the institute of the world leaving behind the idea of money, people all around the world who is going to work regularly on 8/10/28 and with its own community and bringing that institution easily known and seen to any people around the world.

1.Respected people who are working on Science and technology, and people who are studying it or working to produce scientific things should sacrifice wholeheartedly all their precious time and money they have spend for the future generation, and all the male and female scientists and related persons should unite as one and without any secrets, so that the future generations can understand better, and without any selling and buying, making in such a way that one can use one’s own production, also material used in the production of science and technology, and sharing between one’s community without any buying and selling.
2. The Science and Technology needed for communication of the world is indeed mandatory by 100% in this generation and applying to technological industries and taking advantage of the product of the industries, making the communication all over the world and uniting all the different companies at the international level to one, without buy and sell all the machineries and all the equipments for this communication from the period of 8/10/24 working by their own community, without taking any advantages from this, so that there is communication among the people all over the world on daily basis for at least 45 minutes without spending any money, and if it exceeds more than 45 minutes the institution should take some amount of money but not more, making it a good institute and bringing it at its best level we should try to make own accounts number so that we can communicate easily with only this number.
3. All the small and large industries of all over the world should be united; people all around the world should also be united, so that people stay happily and healthily without any poverty and with sufficient amount of all the necessary items, people working in the industries without regretting about the money and time they lost and considering all of us as the children of one father, looking into the welfare for their own community industries and sharing all the equipments needed among the members of community without spending any money and sharing all the thoughts with respect to their age in their regular service period of 8/10/24 working properly daily and all the product will be carried by the World Bank and distributed equally among the entire people of the world, and demolishing products which are harmful to human beings and encouraging products which are useful to human beings and different products of all the scientists to be distributed among the different communities and making all the day to day things available to the entire people at the international level without charging any money.

Chapter 15
Energy Interdependence in Today’s World
In today’s world, energy sector in every corners must be united under a centralized unit, every community must have an energy department so that there will be no shortage of energy in any part of the world. Plenty of energy must be provided to the factories and industries, so that there will be huge production in world level. All the needed items of energy sector must share one community to another community without any charges through World Bank. All the shortages must share one another at the world stage. Everybody including the learned scientists and engineers must work sincerely in order to produce enough energy for every community of the world. There must not be any buy and sell of energy. Energy shall be free for anyone and any community. I therefore appeal that let’s work together and sincerely to achieve these objectives of energy security.

Chapter 16
Ethical Treatment of Animals
All departments of wild life and animals in the world must unite under a platform. Both wild animals and domestic animals; we need to take care of their better survival. We need to protect the habitats of the animals for their better survival. Moreover, we need to establish many veterinary hospitals for the animals. All human beings need to treat animals properly, and we also can get so many benefits from them as well.

Chapter 17
On Conduct of Fishery
In the world, in order to subsist the important nutrients in our daily diets, the Almighty God has sent fish to the mankind. All the fishery departments in today’s world must unite as one. All communities in today’s world must take care of the fishery industry; moreover we have to arrange things together. The fishery department take imitative to provide food security. Human beings must rely nutritious foods from fish. All the communities whenever they have scarcity of fishes; there must be sharing from the abundant to the scarcity areas without charging money. But, the nutritious fishes, we must not catch them insensitively, because we have to think for the future as well. We must not catch immature fishes. As destine by the God, we have to eat fish for our daily nutrients, but we have to pay respect to the soul of the fish before eating it.

Chapter 18
Martial Art (Huiyen Langlon Thang-Ta)
The Manipuri martial art is known as the Huiyen Langlon Thang Ta, and in short it is also popularly known as the Thang Ta, is created from the body of the Almighty. It was produced when the Almighty attempted to produce the human beings. The philosophy and movements of Thang-Ta is same like the physical anatomy and internal nervous system of a human body. The art of Thang-Ta is created and developed by the Almighty, because in this world there are many evil guys, in order to send them back to the place of the Almighty, the lessons of this art were left to the human beings. People often confuse that when we talk about the Thang-Ta, people think that it is of those iron made weapons, but this is not true. In all cultures we find weapons made of iron or stone or whatever materials for self-defence. But, in the case of Thang-Ta, it is not only about weapon, something is there beyond this. The lessons of it are gift of the Almighty for self protection and defence in one hand, and the another deeper aspect of it is unable to know by many people whom they or their parents conduct immoral activities or eating avoidable foods.

As the Almighty’s advice goes as long down process, the Almighty had left some words to get the valuable lessons of it. For instance, not go under polangkok (thread/wire/stick were clothes are keep), fence, don’t eat one creeper vegetable (cucurbit, pumpkin, bottleguard, etc), and those clothes use for feet and hip much not use at head, etc. If we careful obey such advices, then we would be able to learn the real essence of Thang Ta. The more we obey these rules are the best in our lives. It would be wrong to assume that we shall not eat all creepers. But one has to choose only one creeper for not to eat it.

The Almighty and our body have very close relations; the Almighty can bring our body as His wishes. With blessings of the almighty, He is guiding our body for generations. Now we are at the cross-road of a new age. At this critical phase, the source of all souls, live by the Supreme creator known as Kangleipung (Manipur), in this land, the real knowledge given by the divine Almighty is under the possession of divine teacher Lakshman Laishram of Khuman Clan presently residing at Khawai Yaiskhul. I request to everybody to learn the true art of Thang Ta from this divine teacher in order to release all poisons from our blood and body, so that we all can attain enlightenment and able to interact with God in this new age.

Chapter 19
Guidelines Given by the Martial Art’s Master on Huiyen Langlon Thang-Ta
The Manipuri martial art Huiyen Langlon Thang-Ta is not a product that was made abruptly. This art is associated with the Almighty the Creator, since the days when He creates the universe, so said by many teachers. This art is considered as sacred, and kept it unharmed for generations by our forefathers. Due to the knowledge of this art, the Meetei kingdom has been sustained to exist by protecting its custom and identity for millenniums. The origin of this art form is written extensively in ancient sacred books known as the Puyas. Since the days of the Gods, the weapons that they possessed were named. Likewise, the weapons of the kings, particularly swords and spears were also named. Since the time immemorial, the people of Manipur used this art in order to defend its freedom and independence from others. Moreover, this art was also used against the wild animals in olden days.

Current status of Thang Ta
As time pass by, in today’s scientific age, we replaced modern sophisticated weapons for the purpose of wars, hunting or defending from wild animals. So, people considered traditional art forms like Thang Ta is outdated. Some main reasons for considering Thang Ta as outdated in our society are as follow: 1. During British period, the practice of this art was banned, and consequently people began to forget the beauty and inner power of it, and 2. moreover, in most cases guns replaced it as a form of weapon. But, being the given reasons above, this art form is something above all, that as long as human civilization exist this art form will survive. Mainly because, since birth till dead we use weapons like knife or swords for different purposes. Moreover, in today’s age of guns, many countries teach martial arts to their soldiers to make them better and more efficient.

Ironically, in Manipur, most people do not considered this useful art form seriously. It seems that people never realise the beauty of this art, rather they thought it as kind of useless thing. But, there are also many sons and daughters of Manipur, they love their fatherland, they want to save their culture, identity and knowledge system. They realise that this art is all about manner, behaviour, custom, exercise and importantly Manipuri worldview and philosophy. They consider it as the finest knowledge system, and began to search many old teachers of this art, and began to study carefully.

Moreover, there are also many teachers of this art, they valued this art, together with culture and identity of their fatherland, they are also attempting and spreading this art form to the younger generations, keeping in mind that this art must not disappear, but to flourish. This precious wealth of Manipur had been banned to learn for long period of time by the British. As time pass by, the relations between the Manipuri monarch and the British authority improved, and in 1938 the British authority honoured King Churachand with the titled Knight Commander the Star of India (KCSI), and after this the King established Nikhil Hindu Manipuri Mahasabha. Taking advantage of this improving relation with the British authority, the King had allowed learning the martial art of Thang Ta and Manipuri Wrestling Hockey at the resolution number 8 of the Mahasabha.

After this, R. K. Sanahal established an organization called Manipuri Bayam Charcha Club at Singjamei, and started teaching the Manipuri martial art Thang Ta again. He published a book called “Satjal Meitei Huyeng Langlon” and after this he published six more books on Manipuri martial arts.

Today, people began to recognise the importance of this art form and develop a lot. There are so many institutions in Manipur, they teach the art of Thang Ta. Many organizations encourage it, and also began to play it as an item of sport in many places of the world. Moreover, whether one holds a weapon or not, it is a very useful art to defend ourselves as well as to protect weak and downtrodden. It is also an art to learn good moral conducts. Nowadays, there are demands to the educational institutions to teach this art as a part of curriculum.

Laishram Lakshman Khuman

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