From :- Office of the Universal Family Organization (U.F.O) Manipur, North East India, Asia.

The honourable global Mr. and Mrs, His/her highness and Excellency, My Lord & My Lady, United Nations’ General Assembly, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Union Minister, M.P’s, Chief Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, M.L.A’s, Election Commissions, Democracy’s backbone members, World Bank & all World Bank Organizations, Senate Members and Governors of states, International Court of Justice, leaders of all religions, Emperors and Empresses and their descendants, our loving world Scientists, Health & Hygiene of departmental Doctors, Owners of Competitive Industries using timely technology in the world markets, Trade and Commerce members, our loving farmers, Youths-future pillars of nations are cordially informed that to save from certain fearful ones and severe destructive causes accompanied in the course of time, this traditional rule which continues changing from time immemorial of global creation may not take place to change again; uniting the universe like a family ruled traditionally, economically with equal sharing in food and clothing, equal right to livelihood for every individual of the universe, no foundation on religion, no distinction, no boundary dispute, protecting the respect of women all over the globe, like a family where no want of any sort living in peace and harmony and in a quiet way of life, allowing one respect another with a firm belief on the basis of being children of one father, showing respect to one soul to another, from this course brought in course of time to the would be mad like tradition to hear everybody getting rid of fire like angers and sacrificing all self-possessions honestly to global level, not to acquire land in the name of a person and not in the name of a country, for a ruling state where every male and female like king and queen; every aborigine with different groups, any government of a state by changing its from to stop collecting money directly or indirectly from the people and every subject also running in the civilized world race to earn money in all directions freely and trying tirelessly to get the needs in the groups of upgraded schemes; giving adequate education to every child of the globe from the beginning to the end of studies, need of sharing of all global members, everybody after studies doing proper job regularly with no retirement, doing what one can till expiry, only content with respect and honors, no distinction in wages, content with equal sharing in food and clothing, abolishing sales and buying, removing all unemployment problems, changing all World Banks with black money into one Universal Bank and establishing offices which are inseparable with groups of people of the universe/globe, the houses to live in, schools to learn, Health and Family Cares, Hospitals, Irrigation systems for Agriculture, Roads and Bridges for Communication and Transport system with science and technology by reforming a form of administration where everyone can participate and can see the ins and outs of the rule and allowing the cheque of Universal Bank(world Bank) to be the permanent Identity Card with account number along with self finger print, self eye print, self facial identification mark, self blood group, and self aboriginal place and using this card / cheque from the beginning of study for all till expiry of life, let all Courts of Justice try to stop well the roots of cases instead of waiting for judgment, uniting all Trade and Commerce Institutions into one and changing the word into distribution, uniting every factory small and big with technology in course of time into one to the global level, keeping all war machinery things in safe places that may not be used in human society too, keeping one vision everyone on the universal basis and going united as one with this new manner of the universe, Hayi Chak (a Manipuri old era) in which the Creator and other gods may directly go together and in this Chak (a new era) the beginning of future eras the Second Sun too coming to appear with all lights and this time a new common co-ordinate manner between god like men and gods in which for an inevitable warless universe, global religious leaders, leading government leaders representatives of indigenous people are not great causes for global climate changes, deforestation, increase in factories and increase in vehicles and population, though going to and fro in the struggle for livelihood today in course of time the omnipotent star Sidaba Mapu (a Manipuri belief) of a land attended by six seasons and protected by nine dieties on nine lofty mountains in the place where seven Yeks and nine Salais (a belief for different clans in Manipur) originated and erecting four pillars at four important places a hole had been capped with hymn near a pillar to keep the revolution and orbit of planets and balance of nature in order; but today with complaints to Him from the souls sent untimely to Him by artificial human manners and nearing to do His work due to the opening up of the cap with hymn and causing changes in the course of planets and balance of nature due to changes of ways from one common way between Yaibirel Sidaba and Salairel Sidaba (Pole Star and Great Bear), a short while ago before the advent of a new Chak (one era) a revengeless war is going to be faced and before this war all national leaders and all living things and beings are cordially informed to participate in the discussion of the same in time.

N.B:- Change of climate with imbalance of nature is a warning of the Lord (God Creator).

Universal Family Organization (U.F.O).
South East Asia, North East India, Manipur (Kangleipung), Imphal.

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Ngasepam Nilakanta Khuman
Salam Shanti Luwang
Khaidem Jilangamba Khabanganba
Address: Taobungkhok Awang Leikai, Imphal West, Manipur
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