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In order to bring a firm solution to the Universe for every issue and crisis at once along with His instruction after due consideration uniting this Universe into a small family, in a united Universal Administration and in a Universal monetary system equal sharing in food and clothing, no border dispute, showing respect right by a soul to a soul, no basis on religion, keeping a firm belief on the basis of being children of a father, embracing all individuals and all living beings of the globe under a sound government withvgood manners for a quiet warless Universe and in this Chak (an era)–the beginning of many Chaks–brought about in course of time, the present generation of people with no mistakes and harms, no killings, along with the Second Sun with all lights in His working advent, in order to advance in peace and harmony in the Universe this Universal Family Organisation does show in appearance in the land created by the first Creator and Originator attended by Six-seasons, protected by nine deities on nine lofty mountains, inhabited by seven Yeks and nine Salais (a belief for different clans in Kangleipung).

If any details and suggestions, kindly send in to our e-mail add:- nilakantakhuman@gmail.com

NB:- Imbalance of Nature is an information to all living beings of the universe due to the nearing of His advent. So it is a cordial information to request to each and every global individual to avoid intoxication, not to eat uneatables, not to see forbidden looks, giving up of all killing thoughts to one another, to present peace and harmony and a quiet and warless life to the present and future generation.

Universal Family Organisation
South East Asia North East India Manipur(Kangleipung)Imphal

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