As our bounded duty to respond to the clarion call of the Taibang Mapu (Almighty God), the Universal Family Organisation (UFO), South East Asia, North East India, Manipur is addressing its idealism and philosophy to all the revered Political Parties of the world, which have been working relentlessly for the welfare of the humankind in the womb of time.

Respected All, one of the foremost objectives of the UFO is the establishment of a collective and supreme Political Plethora, a little bit diverted from the present day Democracy and designated as the Democracy Type – II in which the whole world would be regarded as a small family under one government and one economic system. Right to equality, liberty and dignity of labour shall be the philosophical basis of the new system. The whole people of the world as one person shall shoulder upon the responsibility of formal education and his/her entering into the institution of family.

The new system shall treat the old and the young alike irrespective of their professions and render utmost care in providing regular employments and each individual shall contribute a regular service to the new system of democracy. The system shall lay emphasis on no accumulation of wealth or private property, no payment of any kind of tax, bartering and sharing of the basic needs of life, no disparity of development in cities, villages and remote hill areas, upholding marriage as a supreme institution, no territorial conflicts, homogeneous system of health treatment, judicious settlement of legal matters, no differences of political parties at the time of free and fair election, no individual contract works on infrastructure developments, equal participation of all men and women in the governance and the creation of war-free world for the future generation.

The UFO solemnly invites all the Kings and Queens, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Prime Ministers, Union Ministers, MPs, Secretaries, Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers, MLAs, Judiciaries, Election Commissions, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Industrialists, and Businessmen of today’s war-ravaged Planet Earth to understand and learn our Fellowship to bring a new political and social order in which the tenure of each and every office should be of three years for bringing up a complete transparent administration.

The dawn for Hayi Chak (Satya Yug) has come in the aftermath of the nefarious Konna Chak (Kali Yug). The birth of the Second Sun in the solar system shall mark the arrival of the new age which shall wipe away all the pain and turmoil of the Mother Earth. The call of the Taibang Mapu (Almighty God) has envisaged to end all the conflicts and spread this divine message in every nook and corner of the earth by 31 December 2019, failing which a priceless war shall once again ravage the surface of the earth on the onset of 2020 AD where His Divine, the Taibang Mapu (Almighty God) shall makes spiritual call on all of His subjects. The UFO, once again pray with folded hands to wait for the Divine moment.

In Solidarity,

Universal Family Organisation.
South East Asia, North East India, Manipur

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